Marine Fleets

Streamline all your marine transactions with one card for fuel, purchasing and travel needs. The global-fleet MasterCard can be used anywhere — from marinas to food and uniform vendors to fueling stations. One-time purchases, such as emergency repairs and maintenance, are easy to manage.

The global-fleet MasterCard is our one-card solution that reduces the need for captain’s to carry multiple cards, minimizing fraud risks and reducing reconciliation and streamlining your AP processes. With the global-fleet card you are able to set customizable spending parameters and security features — all with real time reporting and account access.

Global-fleet customers also enjoy access to our free mobile payment app, which allows authorized users to create and issue one-time-use virtual credit card numbers. Virtual card payments are ideal when you need secure payments on-the-go. You’ll gain not only convenience but also monthly rebates based on virtual card spend.

Professional 24/7 customer support ensures you and your crew are equipped with everything needed to sail to success.



  • Assign cards to individual crew members or by specific vessel
  • Online management tools give you the ability to set spending limits and restrict usage in real-time
  • Seamlessly integrates into your existing ERP or accounting system
  • Enjoy universal acceptance with the MasterCard network


  • Pay for any emergency repairs and routine maintenance easily and securely
  • Utilize for travel and entertainment expenses
  • One card number per employee greatly simplifies reconciliation

Virtual Mobile Payments

  • Empower captains and crew members to pay directly from their smartphones with our award-winning mobile payment app
  • Seamlessly integrates into your existing ERP or accounting system
  • Earn monthly rebates based on virtual card spend
  • Learn more about virtual payments