• global-fleet: green fuel nozzle

Card Options

The only card that gives you flexibility in choosing vehicle only fuel cards, or driver cards with the option to add corporate purchasing.

Vehicle Card

Convenient when vehicle ownership is not limited to a specific driver. The card can remain in the vehicle while security features below ensure that only authorized employees can use the card.

Global Fleet: vehicle card
  • Card embossed with vehicle description
  • Prompts for driver ID and mileage
  • Limit to ‘fuel only’ purchases, or allow ‘fuel and maintenance’
  • Accepted at nearly 100% of all fuel merchants
  • Option to lock at pay-at-pump only
Driver Card

Gives authorized employees the ability to make approved purchases, with full tracking and spending controls to ensure compliance with company policies.

  • Card embossed with driver name
  • Prompts for vehicle ID and mileage
  • Limit the card to ‘fuel only’ purchases, ‘fuel and maintenance,’ and/or corporate purchasing
  • Accepted at nearly 100% of all fuel merchants
  • Options including ability to lock at pay-at-pump