• global-fleet: gas pump keypad

Controls and Security

CSI’s global-fleet MasterCard is a premium fuel card for managing all of your fleet’s purchasing needs.


The level of controlled spending limits and merchant category restrictions can be customized on a card-by-card basis to reinforce your company’s fleet policies promoting savings by preventing unauthorized use. Management of the program happens in real-time through your own secure online account portal. All changes or updates made take place instantly to ensure your drivers stay on the road and keep you in control.

  • Robust controls & security options
  • Lock to pay-at-the-pump only, restricting purchases inside convenience stores
  • PIN and odometer prompting guards against unauthorized usage and assists with transaction auditing
  • Multiple purchasing options such as fuel only, fuel and maintenance and full corporate purchasing
  • Spending limits can be set uniquely for each card per day, week or month
  • Transactions can be restricted for one-time purchases and number of uses per day, week or month
  • Assign cards by vehicle description, driver’s name or a combination of both
  • Other restrictions include after hour/weekend purchases and merchant category codes to lock purchases in at your business’ preferred fuel, maintenance or corporate purchasing locations

PIN Prompting: Driver or Vehicle ID/PINs

  • Maintain security with the use of driver ID/PIN prompting at the point-of-sale
  • Pay-at-the-pump terminals or inside electronic transactions do not authorize without a valid driver ID/PIN number
  • Company drivers can be assigned a unique 4-6 digit PIN
  • Assigned driver ID/PIN numbers will work with any of your company’s issued cards, allowing tracking of fuel purchases to specific vehicles and drivers
  • Driver ID/PIN numbers can be added in real-time, either online or by contacting customer service
  • Vehicle ID/PIN prompting available for businesses that issue driver based cards

Odometer Prompting

  • Your fleet card program can be set up to also prompt drivers for odometer readings at the pump or inside the fuel site location
  • Entering correct odometer readings further assist fleet managers and finance departments with web-based reporting. Available 24/7 at no extra charge, reports will calculate vehicle efficiencies, such as miles per gallon