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Learn why Mercedes-Benz chose
CSI global-fleet as its premier fuel program

The Challenge:
For dealerships and fleet managers nationwide, fuel management can be a real problem, as explained by Jim Troiloa, Service and Parts Director at Mercedes-Benz dealer Estate Motors.

“Before CSI global-fleet, our fuel card program was a nightmare,” recalls Troiola. “Employees would bring gas receipts back and give them to the wrong manager, put them in their pocket and forget about them or lose them altogether. It was impossible to reconcile those expenses every month.”

The Solution:
Luckily for Jim and other MBUSA dealers, dealer groups and multi store operators, Mercedes-Benz USA partnered with CSI global-fleet to offer their fleet fuel program, offering universal acceptance, powerful controls and fuel discounts – all at no cost to the dealers.

Not only does the global-fleet fuel program offer an easier way to track fuel expenses, it also offers a discount rate per gallon on fuel purchases. Which can add up to big savings for your company. “Fuel is a significant cost for any dealership,” acknowledges Bob Federico, Estate Motors’ General Sales Manager. “The ability to get discounts on every gallon of fuel is a tremendous cost savings.”

When asked if he would recommend CSI global-fleet to other dealers, Federico was quick with advice. “It’s a must-have. It takes what is normally a problem in the areas of theft and misuse and makes them seamless.”

About CSI global-fleet:

As a leader in the fleet fueling industry, CSI global-fleet continually explores ways to provide our clients with the most advanced fuel program solutions available.

Program Highlights:

  • Universal acceptance at over 600,000 fuel and maintenance locations across the U.S.
  • 1.1% back on all MasterCard purchases
  • Retail fuel discounts at over 32,000 national locations (average savings $.01-.05 cents off per gallon)
  • Real-time purchasing controls and reporting through your free online account maintenance website
  • Comprehensive reporting and reconciliation tools
  • The security of PIN and odometer prompting, or VIN data collection
  • Flexibility of card issuance: driver/employee cards or vehicle/department card
  • Dedicated relationship manager with 24/7 live support
“It’s a no-brainer. The CSI global-fleet fuel card program is a necessity for any dealer.”

– Jim Troiola, Service and Parts Director at Estate Motors, Inc.

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